Friday 27 July 2012

Girls Names/Weird Dreams - Split Single

Single review by KevW

Both Girls Names and Weird Dreams have spent the last year or so gently riding the crest of a mini hype wave. Both have acclaimed first albums under their belt, and pairing the two for this split single to unveil their first new material since their debut offerings seems a sensible move, and one that should open up the ears of their respective fan bases to that of the other's work. However you'd expect that such fan bases would at least in part overlap already, as both bands peddle a similar brand of 80's-influenced indiepop sounds, given a distinctly modern lo-fi production of the variety that hordes of dreampop and chillwave groups currently favour.

So we're treated to distant, drifting vocals, rattling drums and post-punk guitars that act as a lead at times, and at other points merely camouflage themselves against the misty background hum on Girls Names' offering 'A Troubled See'. It's almost like The Horrors deciding to ape The Cure for their next record and it gives off a cosy ramshackle glow. 'House Of Secrets' by Weird Dreams is hardly at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to the production, but the song itself is a more relaxed affair, sauntering out of the speakers like mist rolling down from the hills. It has an air of grace and feels effortless, providing the perfect foil to the more upbeat first track, making this single sound like two like-minded groups offsetting each other very well.

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