Tuesday 10 July 2012

3| 33 - Rainy Day

Single review by KevW

Further proof that alternative music is flourishing in Israel at the moment comes to us by way of this first official single from Jerusalem's 3| 33. Currently the band have toured their home country extensively and are hoping to reach further afield with the completion of the debut album they're currently recording. The planned release date for that is March next year, and we can get a few clues as to what to expect from these two tracks. Both have an experimental post-rock mood and both are fairly doom-laden, with plenty of ominous guitars and bleak lyrics about "vultures waiting" and how "I've never been so low". That cold and bleak cover shot shows you not to expect party time.

The atmospheres that are crafted here are powerful in their starkness and feel genuinely heavy in mood, not some emo winging, these feel real. 'Rainy Day' has some gleaming guitar lines that add light to the shade, suggesting hope in the face of despair. The percussion on B-side 'Twisted Words' actually gives the impression of rain falling and the line "the ashtray can take no more" feels like a metaphor for the broken life it details. The subject matter may be bitter emotions but its done with panache and an understanding of how instruments can create different moods. 3| 33 may not be all sunshine and daffodils but they can put across pain and desolation incredibly well. An intriguing and noteworthy introduction.

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