Saturday 7 July 2012

Five For Free #94

Deap Vally - Gonna Make My Own Money

This pair of Californian ladies are indeed Valley Girls, it's not something they're ashamed of but to avoid people assuming they're all rootsy they've deliberately misspelt their name as Deap Vally. And what a heck of a sound they make, new single 'Gonna Make My Own Money' is scorching blues that sounds like Alabama Shakes colliding with Led Zeppelin and is absolutely huge.

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StaG - Summerfoot

Also soaking up the Californian sun are trio StaG whose debut album 'Rifle Meeker' was released last year. Being no slouches they've already got follow-up 'When It Falls Apart' ready to go and the latest single from it is 'Summerfoot', a laid-back mix of chillwave and dreampop that sparkles and shimmers like any good song with summer in its title should.

StaG's website

Nehedar - Eggshells

Nehedar is the project of New York singer-songwriter Emilia Cataldo who's been performing for over a decade and has self-released five albums, the latest being 'High Tide'. Taken from it is this album highlight, 'Eggshells', which is accessible and melodic and sounds like a poppier version of The Sundays and similar female led indie type bands.

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Heyward Howkins - Plume and Orange

As former lead guitarist with The Trouble With Sweeney, Heyward Howkins knows a thing or two about making records, and now he's stepping out alone with the release of his debut album 'The Hale & Hearty'. From it is free track 'Plume and Orange', a song that takes in elements of Americana and inventive alt-rock types such as Wild Beasts and Shearwater.

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Work Drugs - Pluto

This latest single from indie/disco collective Work Drugs is a slick four minutes of smooth beats, twinkly guitar and soft vocals. Imagine Friendly Fires remixed by Twin Shadow and you're in the right vicinity. 'Pluto' is the follow-up to 'License To Drive', both of which will be featuring on the band's debut album 'Absolute Bearing' which is due out next week.

The free download of 'Pluto' is available here

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