Thursday 12 July 2012

Miner - Hey Love EP

EP review by KevW

There have been whole fleets of Foxes soundalikes being thrust forth from all corners of the record industry of late. Wooden instruments and soft harmonies haven't been in vogue so much since the height of the Laurel Canyon scene. This isn't purely down to bands wanting a taste of Mumford-like stardom, these sounds have been created for years, but once the door is opened others will naturally follow them through. Los Angeles outfit Miner sing about sunshine and golden oceans backed by banjos, acoustic guitars, tambourines and lots of voices. The sound is organic, warm and would probably be filed under 'Americana', being inspired by the country's landscape, journeys through other parts of the Americas and a love of Neil Young.

So essentially there's nothing new on this debut EP, but with such an influx of this type of thing out there, Miner still manage to make these songs sound fresh whilst also being as comfortable as a well worn pair of jeans. It's traditional for sure, it's also intimate and well structured and arranged. 'Golden Ocean' fuses country, folk and indie with ease, bringing a pleasant dash of summer sun with it. The female lead on 'Big Sur' talks of redwoods and skipping across stones. It's the most rustic tune here but still manages to raise a smile. 'Winter Dreams', like much of the EP, is pensive and delivers its message subtly. It's a very well controlled collection that would feel just as at home around a beach fire at sunset or a roaring log fire in the depths of winter, and should probably be accompanied by the odd sip of whisky. Heartwarming stuff.

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