Saturday 21 July 2012

Five For Free #98

Scarlett Parade - Black As The Sun

Whether or not The Isle Of Man is an untapped musical mine we don't know, yet that was the birthplace of now London-based duo Scarlett Parade who released their debut EP earlier this year. From it is the searing blues-rock of 'Black As The Sun' which takes in past icons such as Led Zeppelin as well as more modern alternative rock titans The Black Keys and The White Stripes.

Scarlett Parade's website

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Gold Motel - Musicians

Chicago indie/pop band Gold Motel have recently released their eponymous third album, the follow-up to 2010's 'Summer House'. Lead single and free download 'Musicians' is a precision engineered, summery sounding guitar tune designed to be enjoyed under sunny skies and generally make your life feel a little bit better. It succeeds, get in!

Gold Motel's website

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The Bilinda Butchers - Crystal Tears

Named after a member of My Bloody Valentine, even those who are yet to hear The Bilinda Butchers' music could probably have a stab at guessing their sound, plus 'Crystal Tears' is a song name that could be the product of a dreampop track title generator. So yeah, shoegazey, fuzzy, dreamy and this time a little lighter and more poppy than normal, The San Francisco group give us another predictably great tune.

Free download: 'Crystal Tears'
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The Bilinda Butchers' website

Xochitl - Freckles (feat. XPiRiMiNT)

We recently featured 'Rain Dance', a track from electronica producer XPiRiMiNT and he's just unveiled his first work with a vocalist, acting as a guest on this track from Xochitl, a female singer who we know virtually nothing about. She has a stunning voice though, and this gentle and sparkly acoustic track 'Freckles' is pretty much impossible to dislike.

Xochitl's website

The Dirty Nil - Bruto Bloody Bruto

The Dirty Nil are a trio from Ontario and they pull no punches when it comes to making balls-out, furious punk. They currently have a summer mix-tape available for free download from their bandcamp page and you can grab the visceral lead track 'Bruto Bloody Bruto' for free below. As you'll realise when you hear it, it's a song that's best served very very loud.

The Dirty Nil's website

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