Monday 30 July 2012

NO - Don't Worry, You'll Be Here Forever EP

Article by KevW

Our first introduction to LA indie-rock group NO came with the ripples of buzz emanating from this year's SXSX Festival and the track 'Another Life'. We've since had the time to delve further into their musical box of delights to find a sound that's the amalgamation of some of the most acclaimed bands of the past decade. You can hear Interpol, Arcade Fire, The National, Gaslight Anthem and more. Before you dismiss them as copycat chancers trying to scrape a few crumbs from beneath the table of the banquet enjoyed by those alt-rock giants, it's worth having a dig through what they have to offer, as there are tunes here that could easily compete alongside those colossal musical forces.

This free EP includes the aforementioned 'Another Life', and it's still grand and sweeping like The National at the top of their game. The brooding 'The Long Haul' is hardly likely to set the dance floors alight, but it might prick up the ears of those who look for a few shades of gloom in their post-rock. The the more upbeat 'There's A Glow' lightens the load, although it's probably the least interesting track here. The top honours go to the Gaslight Anthem stomp of 'Big Waves', which although you couldn't exactly describe as an uplifting kaleidoscope of sound, does add some much needed light and optimism, along with some fist-pumping "whoa oh ah ohs" that could indicate future live favourite status awaits, and probably a full page feature in Uncut magazine when they catch up with things in six months time.

NO | Another Life | Live at Old Style Guitar from NOMUSICFORME on Vimeo.

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