Friday 6 July 2012

Artmagic - Forever In Negative

Single review by KevW

In his long career as a pop producer and singer, Sean McGhee has worked on records from artists such as Robyn, Sugababes, Britney Spears, Imogen Heap and *cringe* Alanis Morisette, so pairing up with Suede guitarist and co-songwriter Richard Oakes to record an album as Artmagic seems an odd choice. The result is as you'd expect, a mid point between mature, credible pop and indie/glam sensibility. Their debut album 'Become The One You Love' is released this week, accompanied by the single 'Forever In Negative'.

The fairly clean production may be off-putting to some of the more indie types out there, but this is a big song, albeit a fairly conventional one. Traditional in structure and sound, it relies on the melody and an emotive vocal to carry it, although Richard adds some nifty guitar work in the background that stops it straying too far into the adult pop category. It's not a challenging track, but neither is it a bland one, and it looks like this odd couple might have mastered this musical middle ground pretty well. If that sounds like a compromise, then maybe it is, but it's a pretty decent one nonetheless.

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