Monday 16 July 2012

Out This Week - 16th July 2012

Post War Years - Glass House

For a few years now, London-based Post War Years have been gently simmering away on the underground, creating some very good indie/electro sounds. New EP 'Glass House' is out this week and has been produced by James Rutledge (MGMT, Grizzly Bear) and will hopefully spread their word a little further. Check out the 80's-influenced title track, free below.

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The Drowning Men - Smile

Californians The Drowning Men have their second full-length (not counting their debut EP) out this week and from it is 'Smile', an ambitious and grand sounding hunk of anthemic alt-rock that manages to maintain both style and dignity whilst also aiming for a big, impressive sound. If album 'All The Unknown' contains more tracks like this then they're on to a winner.

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Blood Diamonds feat. Grimes - Phone Sex

People can't bloody shut up about Grimes at the moment, but there's good reason for that. Her latest album 'Visions' is a corker and her contribution to this track from Blood Diamonds is suitably impressive, adding an extra depth to their tropical-tinged electro-pop. This has all the ingredients needed to be a big hit. So therefore it probably won't be. Still, stream it below and enjoy.

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Icky Blossoms - Perfect Vision

How on earth do you come up with a band name like Icky Blossoms? Maybe it's best not to ask. Anyway, this pair from Nebraska release their debut album this week and on it is this epic and brooding piece of electro/rock/pop called 'Perfect Vision' which lasts for six and a half minutes and just gets better and better as the song goes on. Brilliant stuff.

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Future Islands - Cotton Flower

Last year's 'On The Water' album from Baltimore's Future Islands was an absolute joy and in 'Balance' it included a bona fide classic experimental electro-pop track. New track 'Cotton Flower' is part of a split single with Ed Schrader's Music Beat and pretty much picks up where the previous record left off. This is a captivating and interesting song with an addictive melody that keeps growing and growing in splendour the more times you hear. Download, listen, repeat.

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