Monday 9 July 2012

Out This Week - 9th July 2012

Saint Motel - 1997

'1997' is a truly wonderful single from Los Angeles band Saint Motel and it's taken from their album 'Voyeur' which is released this week. The track is beautifully melodic powerpop with twinkling pianos and brass that make it anthemic in a very very good way. Catchy as hell, brilliantly put together with a superb chorus and gets better and better with each listen. What more could you want?

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Milk Maid - Do Right

Milk Maid is the musical project of Manchester's Martin Cohen who switches genres a few times on his new record 'Mostly No' which is available on physical release this week. 'Do Right' is lo-fi and fuzzy and will remind you of plenty of nineties bands as well as the more recent revivalists of the genre. This sort of stuff isn't in short supply right now, but Milk Maid is doing it as well as anyone.

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Twin Shadow - Five Seconds

Dominican-born George Lewis Jr. puts out his second studio album as Twin Shadow this week. 'Confess' has received the kind of glowing reviews he must be getting used to, and free download 'Five Seconds' will tell you why. It's a great piece of smooth and synthy new-wave with a propulsive beat and powerful delivery that updates eighties sounds and makes them sound much better than they actually were.

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Mission Of Burma - Second Television

It was in the early eighties that Boston post-punks Mission Of Burma first made their name. There was a nineteen year gap between the end of their first incarnation and their reformation in 2002 and they've released a further five albums since then, the latest being 'Unsound' which is out today. 'Second Television' shows that they've lost none of that raw punk energy.

Free download: 'Second Television'
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Shrag - Show Us Your Canines

London indiepop band Shrag have been quietly plying their trade for several years now and frankly they deserve much more coverage than they get. With new album 'Canines' it looks like that might just be on the cards and this has become their most high profile release to date. As ever, it contains some fantastic songs and 'Show Us Your Canines' might be best of all, switching from post-punk and C86 influences to a baggy-inspired segment in the middle, it's eclectic and just downright irresistible.

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