Saturday 28 July 2012

Tidal Wars - Veils/Earning

Single review by KevW

This is the debut single from Bristol band Tidal Wars and it's the last 30-odd years of moody British guitar music that they look to for inspiration. They've been labelled shoegaze and they've been labelled post-punk. Both fit the bill and we can have a quick trawl through some comparisons by chucking in names like Joy Division, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Horrors and even a less bombastic White Lies. These are songs that feel nocturnal, dark and menacing; the kind that are more likely to be found wearing leather jackets and shades than Bermuda shorts. So hardly innovative stuff then, but still a fine gift for those who prefer their music to a usher in a moody atmosphere.

On 'Veils' the pulsing two note bassline will appeal to anyone who favours the alternative heroes of the 80's, as will the near monotone vocal. You can consider the tone well and truly set from these opening bars, but the shade is lifted ever so slightly as the chorus bursts out, heralding a moment of optimism with some chiming guitars and nicely placed "ooh ooh oohs" that offer a nice contrast. 'Earning' is darker still in sound, although its point is driven home in a more subtle way and it wouldn't be far off the mark throwing the name Interpol into the ring. A pair of very decent tracks that could appeal to new-wavers, post-punks, shoegazers and Goths everywhere.

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