Thursday 19 July 2012

Artist To Check Out: Squalloscope

Article by KevW

Anna Kohlweis has previously released a trio of albums under the name Paper Bird (not to be confused with the Denver band Paper Birds) and earlier this year the Vienna-based artist unveiled her new alias, Squalloscope, with the release of the 'Soft Invasions' LP. The album is written, recorded and produced by Kohlweis, who also handles the artwork and videos herself. Suffice to say she's not short of talent and no slouch when it comes to multitasking. Having complete control over her work also allows her to perfect a vision that's entirely her own and has her unique character firmly stamped over every aspect of the package.

As ever comparisons can be made, and Squalloscope will appeal to fans of The xx, The Knife and other minimalist proponents of combined organic and electronic sounds. While the songs seem sometimes stark in their simplicity, dig a little deeper and you'll find overlaying voices and sounds combining to create music that's surprisingly complex and reveals itself a little more with each listen. Lyrically these tracks are surreal and equally intriguing, making for songs that become more and more engaging the better you get to know them. The videos too are works of art, not relying on choreographed dance routines and pyrotechnics to fascinate the viewer. Interesting, beguiling and, most importantly of all, a wonderful and individual talent.

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