Monday 30 July 2012

Out This Week - 30th July 2012

Alberta Cross - Magnolia

Multinational alt-rock group Alberta Cross have their new album 'Songs Of Patience' set for a release in early September in the UK (available now in North America), and going off the strength of new single 'Magnolia' we're in for a proper treat of skyscraping, life-affirming, towering indie-rock epics. Everything about 'Magnolia' is grand and glorious, crucially though, they leave out any unnecessary bombast.

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Opossom - Blue Meanies

Former vocalist with New Zealand band The Mint Chicks, Kody Nielson is the brains behind psychedelic powerpop project Opossom who will be releasing their album 'Electric Hawaii' next week, preceded by the insanely lovable retro bounce of single 'Blue Meanies'. Basically, if you don't like this then your ears are faulty and should be returned to point of purchase for a full refund or replacement.

To download 'Blue Meanies' for free head here

Opossom's website

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Picture - True

'True' is the title-track from this debut EP by Swedish artist Picture, who is also one half of production duo Sail A Whale. 'True' is awash with blindingly bright synths and backing vocals that become engulfed by the swirling tide of shimmering noise. There's an awful lot of sound to be found in this track, and squishing it all together like this makes for an impressively lush cacophony.

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Melody's Echo Chamber - Endless Shore

Melody's Echo Chamber is a one-woman psych-pop genius. Her album is due out at the end of September and by that time you still won't have tired of playing wondrous new single 'Endless Shore' which is out on 7" this week. It's essentially pure fantastical euphoria pressed into some vinyl, a bit like an everlasting gobstopper for your ears, it never loses its flavour.

Melody's Echo Chamber's website

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The Ice Choir - I Want You Now And Always

It can be exciting when members of bands you like form side-projects. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart are great, as were side-project The Depreciation Guild. So we got excited when we found out Kurt Feldman had formed The Ice Choir to produce more electronic-based sounds than TPOBPAH. Until we heard them that is. The first track to hit the net wasn't exactly a show-stopper, so our interest waned in the lead up to their debut album 'Afar'. Then what joy! He's only gone and turned it round and come up with some stellar OMD-style synth-pop. 'I Want You Now And Always' is an album highlight with a killer chorus. Suddenly all is right with the world once more.

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