Tuesday 3 July 2012

Caravan Palace - Clash

Single review by KevW

As genre combinations go, a hybrid of swing and electronica is up there with the more unlikely blends, and also has the potential to be a bloody awful idea. Not only have French outfit Caravan Palace been concocting such an unusual mix for a while now, they've carried it off in style and their debut album managed the uncommon feat of being original and shifting plenty of copies with it. The gang are back with a second helping in the shape of new album 'PANIC' which is set for an autumn release in the UK, accompanied by a few dates in November. No one's really asking for a combination of jazz, swing and modern dance music created with double bass, violin and samples, but that's what we're given nonetheless, and really we should be thankful.

New single 'Clash' is a hectic melee of chopped vocals, sped-up beats and brass all thrown together at a hundred miles an hour. Imagine if Doop had been any good, difficult as that may be, and you'll build an image of what's going on here. Yet this is way more fun and way more interesting, how they recreate this sound live will be interesting to see as there's such an incredible amount going on all at once. If the song itself wasn't bizarre enough then it comes accompanied by an animated video that features a teddy bear doing battle with a sabre-toothed, fire-breathing tortoise and a giant octopus taking on a robot. Yep, this lot are odd alright.

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