Monday 30 July 2012

Mothlite - Seeing In The Dark

Single review by KevW

'Dark Age', the recently released album from instrumentalist and producer Daniel O'Sullivan's Mothlite project was a so-so affair, generally holding its own in the tune department but falling short when it came to retaining interest over the course of a full album. There was plenty of repetition, plenty of deviation and little variation. With a slight rule change to allow repetition, it would have been invincible on an episode of Just A Minute. So if the album was a little one-paced to generate much in the way of excitement on its own, maybe isolating tracks to be played alone would be more rewarding?

Well it could have been at least, as although it was all very mid-paced, middle of the road, mid-standard electro-pop on the whole, there were one or two highlights. Sadly new single 'Seeing In The Dark' isn't one of them, instead it perfectly encapsulates what the problem is. It plods into action in a manner that so inoffensive and anonymous that it barely registers. Stick in a chorus or anything else of interest and we could be looking at a decent single. Instead we get some nicely produced blandness. A bit like a jam sandwich, it's alright, it'll keep you satisfied for a minute or two, but you're unlikely to remember much about it the next day, and you wouldn't dream of ordering one at a restaurant.

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