Sunday 29 July 2012

Miasm - The Dark Roads EP

EP review by KevW

You could say that 'The Dark Roads EP' is an unfinished work. Not because these songs are demos or require rerecording, but because they are simply the first half of what will become a full album. Jeremiah Savage's Miasm project are uploading finished songs to the net as soon as they are complete, with the aim of a full LP being complete later this year. Being a sculptor he knows a thing or two about art and approaches making music in a similar way, carving the tracks out of dark noise. Dark being the operative world, as these songs are hardly full of the joys of spring, it seems to be more about crafting an ambient sound experience and accidentally stumbling upon some songs along the way.

So the overall tone is moody, the vocals are as bleak and dusky as the artwork, and guitars and keys are used sparingly as an accompaniment to the distant echo and reverb instead of leading the songs. 'Face On The Water' has an ominous air to it and it's all very much like masses of shadowy clouds appearing just before the apocalypse. Therefore we're looking at a gloomy and brooding atmosphere here, which means it won't go down well at parties. But building a genuinely affecting atmosphere of any kind is a challenge, and while 'The Dark Roads' might be a slow and unsettling listen with songs hovering around the six-minute mark, pieces like 'The Multiverse' bring the doom-laden visions inside Savage's head to life, and in that respect this EP is a job well done.

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