Saturday 14 July 2012

The Mouse That Ate The Cat - I Am The Hottest Fire

Single review by KevW

Fools! All these bands, constantly they bombard us with cleverly scheduled new releases containing words like 'hot', 'summer', 'sun' and 'surf', sounding like they all live in California and are part of the city's super cool, sun-drenched indie scene. Don't they realise we don't get summers any more? Just one big constant autumn that lasts from late March until early November? The joke's on them, all trying to cash in with their beach-ready upbeat music! Jesting aside, Glasgow duo The Mouse That Ate The Cat probably aren't expecting to be basking under warming rays for these next couple of months, so if they want to release a sunkissed electro-pop number that sounds as though it's the product of some trendy US hipsters then why the hell shouldn't they?

'I Am The Hottest Fire', along with B-side 'Ou Les Mort Est Sont Des Dieux' will both be released as free downloads on July 23rd, just in time for the current outbreak of flooding to have subsided and just before the clouds plan their next onslaught. The timing will hopefully be perfect and the songs are pretty good too, both fairly routine indie fare but with enough optimistic charm to make them a decent treat for your ears. Both are made from the same ingredients of conventional structures, harmonious vocals, clean guitars and padded out with lush synths. It's a tried and tested formula but done well it can still delight. It's worth checking out the A-side, streaming below, but it's B-side 'Ou Les Mort Est Sont Des Dieux' that acts as the best post-flood pick-me-up.

The single will be available from The Mouse That Ate The Cat's website

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