Sunday 15 July 2012

bikos - Fun, Fun, Fun @ the M.J.T

Single review by KevW

The M.J.T in question is The Museum Of Jurassic Technology, so I guess this track lifted from bikos' recent 'Let Down Your Avant Garde' EP is essentially a spiky guitar-pop hymn to LA's version of the Natural History Museum. You can't get a more quintessentially British indie notion than that surely? Maybe this makes the Californian mob a kind of US equivalent to Hefner or Half Man Half Biscuit. The hectic boy/girl vocals and jagged, stuttering guitars also make them the less serious twin to Los Campesions! Despite all these sharp and arty UK bands we can throw in to the mix when trying to pinpoint bikos' music, they also sound defiantly American.

US post-punk bands can be heard in this track too, most notably Talking Heads. 'Fun, Fun, Fun @ the M.J.T.' is frantic, smart, intelligent and snappy, and it's all delivered with pinpoint accuracy. As ideas for songs go it's a little on the wacky side but is undeniably loveable. However many comparisons you sling their way, none of them quite capture the unique energy and vibrancy these guys have. Chuck in a video detailing the exciting and adventurous day out had by, um, a selection of beach balls and you have a grin-inducing, interesting, off the wall and generally endearing package all round. Fun, fun, fun indeed!

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