Friday 13 July 2012

Shearwater - Immaculate

Single review by KevW

The environmentally conscious US outfit have released this new video to coincide with a tour of their homeland as part of the promotion for their recent album 'Animal Joy' (dates can be found on their website, link below). Shearwater haven't been short of praise these last few years and are generally considered to be reasonably big players on the alternative music scene, yet strangely their latest full-length received mediocre reviews from some quarters of the press. A quick listen to the singles/free MP3s lifted from it so far ('Breaking The Yearlings', 'Animal Life', 'You As You Were') would suggest that any less than great ratings would be way off the mark.

Jonathan Meiburg and co. have crafted some of the year's most memorable and individual songs in the indie-rock world, Meiburg's voice in particular brings with it a rare emotion and individuality and the songs are stirring and passionate. New video/single 'Immaculate' is another example of a band at the height of their powers, more up tempo and less anthemic than some of 'Animal Joy's other numbers, this is still an impeccable and rousing track with a video packed with stills of wildlife and human emotion. Shearwater are one of the best bands on the alternative circuit at the moment, and if 'Immaculate' doesn't go any further to making the music press realise this then, frankly, they're wrong.

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