Wednesday 11 July 2012

AG - I Wanna Be Your Man

Single review by KevW

Beatles covers: we've certainly seen the good, the bad and the downright horrendous over the years. They've been turned into soul (Joe Cocker), lad-rock (Oasis), baggy (Candy Flip) and whatever the hell you call it that Tom Jones did to 'All You Need Is Love'. The world needs another record of Beatles covers like a hole in the ozone-layer. Former Rescues member (and established songwriter in her own right) AG isn't shy of taking a risk or two, and while the prospect of more reworkings of the same old songs doesn't exactly create an air of anticipation, we could be in for a surprise with this one, as it looks like she's attempting to take these standards and make them her own.

The six-track EP, simply titled 'The Beatles' will fittingly be released on John Lennon's birthday in October, and this first glimpse of her efforts is somewhat surreal and intoxicating. The gender-bending, genre-twisting video not only shows the rock 'n' roll classic transformed into a hypnotic and slightly haunted sounding nu-folk number, but AG herself transformed from female to male during its brief duration. It's a slightly inspired take on a familiar song and a fascinating video to boot. With another five fab-four remakes to come, this first offering makes you wonder just what other tricks she might have up her sleeves.

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