Thursday 19 July 2012

Battleships - Your Words

Single review by KevW

We all know it's a difficult challenge for an independent guitar band to get noticed in what is now a huge internet-sized cosmos of independent guitar bands trying to get noticed, but following their debut single 'In Retrospect', Sydney quartet Battleships did just that, making a splash in blogland and picking up UK radio play. Their secret? It seems these ships are simply cruising on the waves created by writing and recording songs that are a cut above your standard indie fare, and instead of jumping on any lo-fi or dreampop bandwagon (scenes so crammed it's almost impossible not to drown in them) they're making their own brand of Zeitgeist-dodging anthemic guitar tunes.

New single 'Your Words' goes one better than the debut, stretching their sound that bit further, higher and grander. Such ambition can often crumble under its own weight and amount to a Keane-shaped hollow bluster, but Battleships are gunning for an altogether more substantial sound, like someone nicked all the cellos and violins off Arcade Fire to see what they could muster with a more conventional set up. With a UK tour looking likely for later in the year to coincide with a debut EP, they may well be headed for even greater heights, especially if they're in possession of a few more tunes of this calibre. In an endless sea of guitar bands, Battleships genuinely have a fighting chance of getting somewhere.

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