Sunday 22 July 2012

Exlovers - Emily

Single review by KevW

London's Exlovers proved that good things come to those who wait with their debut album 'Moth' earlier this year, and in terms of British indiepop-type bands they also proved that they're one of the best of the current crop and have enough substance and variation in their sound to hopefully stick it out longer than most (providing they all remain friends of course!). Picking 'Emily' as their new single seems a slightly unusual choice given that other songs on the album are catchier, more upbeat and generally more suited to that kind of thing, but with a record as solid as theirs just about any track fits the bill.

So the soft hum of 'Emily' it is, with its almost lo-fi, almost shoegaze and almost 90's guitar-pop strum and jingly sounding shuffle. By their standards it's fairly run-of-the-mill, although that's not to suggest that this song isn't good. What Exlovers do best is lovable indie tunes to satisfy the ears of many a guitar fan, and so that's what they do here. If everyone's average standard was this good then life would be that little bit better for anyone with a functioning pair of ears. The video was recorded by the band themselves on a recent trip to Japan. There's nothing unusual about bands recording their own videos of course, particularly independent bands, but Exlovers, unlike so many others, manage to make a decent job of it, so bonus points to them for the promo too.

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