Friday 27 July 2012

Jethro Fox - Blinding Light

Single review by KevW

We featured a couple of demos by emerging artist Jethro Fox a few weeks ago, a pair of incredibly promising tracks that not only showed that he was a bit of a virtuoso musically (pretty much all instruments are played by him) but that he had the talent to take modern alternative pop and twist it and turn it towards the similarly experimental waters that Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear have dipped their toes in recently. It's hardly a shock then, to find that a couple of months on he's been taken under the very capable wing of Tough Love Records who are releasing 'Blinding Light', his first proper single.

By Jethro's standards this is a reasonably conventional effort, but just as rewarding as some of his more daring compositions. 'Blinding Light' is driven by bursts of rattling drum fills and tinkling piano, the melody could have been plucked from the always sunkissed (so much so that it ended up getting frazzled) mind of Brian Wilson, and this variety of song should be overlaid with copious harmonies. Naturally Jethro Fox obliges and 'Blinding Light' is a lovely twinkling composition that was begging for a summer release. The exciting thing is, we know he's got even better songs where this one came from.

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