Friday 27 July 2012

Pati Yang - Hold Your Horses EP

EP review by KevW

As if the opening gambit of 'Hold Your Horses' wasn't impressive enough with its thumping stomp and substantially determined vocal, the tracks that follow on this new EP from Pati Yang drill the message home even harder. With these songs the Polish singer is making it known that she means business. The quaking electro-rock of 'Darling' has her voice prowling, as if to both impress and intimidate. She's hunting a big sound and thanks to her fifteen or so years in the business she captures it with both ease and grace. It makes you wonder what level of success she'd have reached by now had she been American or British.

The admirably tasteful bombast doesn't end there, even though the echoing drums and "whoa oh oh ohs" of 'Revolution Baby' could be lifted from an 80's power-ballad, Yang claws the respect back with closer 'Kiss It Better'. While it's hardly pandering to the indie masses, the unashamedly Europop synths and a chorus that attempts to zero in on the pop charts are oddly likeable. Pati Yang has a big voice and these songs are crying out for radio play and substantial sales. Whether or not they achieve them is another matter, but it's a valiant attempt nonetheless.

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