Thursday 12 July 2012

By Toutatis - Hero & Leander/World's Worst

Single review by KevW

Hot on the heels of a cracking split EP with fellow band of North Easterners Dressed Like Wolves, By Toutatis drop this new double A-side single, a brace of tracks that just about surpass their previous efforts, but only by a nose. They pull no punches, these four guys have some big tunes that occupy the space where chamber-folk and post-rock plough into each other, and they want to make these songs sound as tastefully grand as they possibly can, something they effortlessly achieve here. Strings swell, guitars take a hammering and drums are given a good beating. Add to that a chest-beating vocal and the end product is rousing.

'Hero & Leander' sounds like a clarion call of sorts, a battle cry designed to inspire and motivate the troops, it's the most fervent of the two and oozes ambition and motivation, hitting rare heights in terms of summoning inspiration. 'World's Worst' is hardly a shrinking violet either, recalling the emotive us-against-them mentality that made Hope Of The States such a great band for a while. It's brilliantly executed music to provoke and inspire, something that's difficult to do with out reaching too far and turning towards the unsavoury arena-folk territory where Mumfords & Sons currently ply their trade. By Toutatis are a much more tasteful and natural alternative.

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