Thursday 5 July 2012

Elen Never Sleeps - Open Air Dance EP

EP review by KevW

Sometimes something comes along out of the blue captures your imagination, and this is the amazing thing about music old and new; you never know what's out there to be discovered or where it will come from. Piecing together a picture using the scant information the world wide web can provide us with, it appears that Elen Never Sleeps is the chosen recording name of an musician from Tokyo named Kaji, and the music he makes is simply beautiful. There's no shortage of bedroom music makers out there, if only they were all producing such sweet and inviting sounds as this.

'Open Air Dance' is soft and uplifting dreampop, all sparkling guitars, woozy synths and gently soothing vocals. These are upbeat songs though, not your average atmospheric soundscapes; they're pop songs that have gone zorbing, wrapped in a cushioned bubble and effortlessly bouncing along in a slightly surreal manner. The title-track is addictive, the more you hear it the more you want to hear it again. 'The Sweetest Thing' does exactly what it says on the tin, minus nausea-inducing overkill. This is a very controlled set of songs, everything is just right; never twee, never sickly, but always wonderfully engaging. Elen Never Sleeps is pure ear candy for anyone who likes their music to come with a cosy, hopeful and otherworldly glow.

Elen Never Sleeps' website

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