Sunday 29 July 2012

To Kill A King - Word Of Mouth EP

EP review by KevW

It's an impressive sound that Londoners To Kill A King make. It wasn't until I was about half a dozen plays in to their new EP 'Word Of Mouth' that I bothered to read the usual press bumf, and surprisingly learn that these six tracks were essentially recorded live. Live in a studio that is and maybe with the odd tweak in post-production, but it's still mightily impressive that something so seemingly note-perfect and competent was made in such a way. In terms of style you could compare the quintet to alt-rock bands like The National who, one imagines, would generally make their records using several takes, overdubs and rerecordings. So a doff of the proverbial for its brave creation technique.

As well as sounding remarkably accomplished, the actual tunes are not to be sniffed at either. From the escalating potency of 'Howling' to the world-weary final bars of 'Let It Die', they deliver fully-formed ideas, and although it may not be the most varied collection you'll hear all year, its grand ambition is clearly defined. The pinging guitars of 'Funeral' are a particular highlight, as are its orchestral swells. The surging 'Rays' would be the ideal introduction for those who prefer their music to have an instant impact rather than requiring repeat listens. Given the nature of this EP's recording, it goes without saying that catching their Autumn tour would be a good move.

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