Tuesday 5 June 2012

Yeti Lane - Warning Sensations

Single review by KevW

If, per chance, you've cast your eyes over any of the numerous glowing reviews of Yeti Lane's magnificent second album 'The Echo Show', you'll be aware that the general consensus would suggest they may have spent the past couple of years listening to Grandaddy's seminal album 'The Sophtware Slump'. Never so is this more evident than on new single 'Warning Sensations' which pound for pound is more than a match for 'The Crystal Lake' or 'Hewlett's Daughter', adding a gentle hum to the bubbling electronics and firmly planting itself in the stone cold classic category. But you knew that already, right?

So of more interest on this single package are the pair of remixes, the first of which comes courtesy of School Of Seven Bells whose recent third album passed by in a haze of indifference. Here they don't meddle with the original too much, simply bolting on a thundering beat which has the effect of providing a pleasing alternative take rather than a complete overhaul. The Warm Digits remix steers the good ship Yeti Lane closer to the dance floor whilst carefully ensuring that none of the majesty of their work is lost. Two good enough reasons to invest in this single, but it's the faultless splendour of source track that still impresses the most.

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