Saturday 2 June 2012

Five For Free #84

Torches - I Want Something

There's a band in London who are receiving a fair amount of hype. They're called Torches, and this isn't them. No, this particular Torches are also a trio but are based several thousand miles away in Los Angeles. Their album 'Heads Full Of Rust' was released recently and has been worked on by the same team behind The Soft Pack and Local Natives, and as such their sound is somewhere in between both. Check out 'I Want Something'.

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Marissa Nadler - Apostle

Dreamy nu-folk singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler gives us her sixth studio album this week. Titled 'The Sister', it has been promoted as an accompaniment or sorts to her eponymous album from last year. 'Apostle' is a beautifully stark piece that offsets Nadler's hypnotic voice with gently plucked guitar. 'The Sister' is available now on Nadler's own label Box Of Cedar label.

Marissa Nadler's website

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Work Drugs - Boogie Lights

'Boogie Lights' is the new single from Philadelphia duo Work Drugs who will be releasing their new album 'Absolute Bearing' in mid July. Despite sounding on several occasions like it's about to turn into Phil Collins and Phil Bailey's collaboration 'Easy Lover', 'Boogie Lights' is a seductive and chilled indie/dance track with ethereal vocals and a laid-back vibe.

Work Drugs' website

Broken Water - Drown

Hailing from Olympia you could maybe expect Broken Water to have absorbed some of the area's grunge pedigree, and signing to Sub-Pop offshoot Hardy Art won't do them any harm either. 'Drown' does have a sludgy feel but also takes in a touch of pop (albeit heavily disguised by a mask of reverb) and a big dose of shoegaze for good measure.

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Skizotype - Visual Heat (Part III)/Dead Man 

Hungarian experimental rock band Skizotype are from the country's capital Budapest and their album 'Iris Opened Tight' takes in a range of influences from industrial rock to metal to dreampop and shoegaze. The whole thing is available as a free download and its diversity is such that most people will find tracks to enjoy in their eclectic mix. We quite like them when they bring a more subtle atmosphere to proceedings, so grab 'Visual Heat (Part III)' and 'Dead Man' below.

Skizotype's website

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