Saturday 23 June 2012

Joachim De Lux - Le Rondo Des Sirènes

Single review by KevW

'World music' is a horrible, almost insulting term. Its purpose is to describe virtually any sounds that aren't derived from western rock/pop/blues/folk/soul music. So that's pretty much all other music on the planet then, which stretches far beyond Europe and North America. Such a sweeping generalisation makes you wonder if there is such a thing as 'world music' after all. Surely, unless it's beamed from outer space, it has to be 'world music'? Well if there is such a genre then maybe this new track from Frenchman Joachim De Lux would be a perfect example. 'Le Rondo Des Sirenès' pulls in strains of genres from across the globe and intertwines them wonderfully.

What would, broadly speaking, be considered electronica, is pieced together using vocal samples, a variety of beats and percussion and eclectic instrumentation plucked from different origins and different continents. It's high on melody too, making for a song that's accessible to ears used to different styles and different cultures, truly spanning international boundaries whilst staying familiar. It's an inspiring approach and one that is hoped will inspire others thanks to the remix competition which is running until July 8th, when the winning entry will be included on the final release along with a handful of other official remixes. You'll have to go some to better the original though, consider the gauntlet thrown down.

Info on the remix competition and other mixes can be found here

Joachim De Lux's website

The single and winning remix will be released through Nero Plastic Records

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