Wednesday 27 June 2012

Hot Head Show - BANG NOW

Article by KevW

London-based nutcases Hot Head Show have just unveiled this brilliantly bonkers new video, 'BANG NOW', which serves as a strange kind of preview to their forthcoming new album 'Double Happiness', the follow-up to 'The Lemon LP', which is due to be released later in the summer. Quite what it says artistically or stylistically about the new record isn't exactly clear, but at a guess we should expect a frantic psychedelic soup, akin to playing a Frank Zappa LP at 45rpm. The sounds here chop, flit, crunch and stutter, giving genres a wide berth.

As for the video, well as you can see it's Monty Python meets Yellow Submarine meets The Mighty Boosh meets an industrial strength blender. It's eye candy alright, but over exposure is likely to cause giddiness, nausea and possibly mild psychosis. It should maybe come with a health warning, but where's the fun in that? One word of advice though, definitely don't try and watch this under the influence of any mind altering substances as it will most likely cause irreversible damage to your cerebellum.

Hot Head Show's website

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