Tuesday 26 June 2012

Future Of What - Moonstruck

EP review by KevW

Is being moonstruck a bit like being starstruck only not quite as good? Whatever, it sounds like an impressive thing to have happen to you. Considering that this quartet of Brooklynites only formed at the beginning of the year and this is their debut release, maybe they're aiming for us to be moonstruck by these four songs, before becoming starstruck once they've had the time to define their sound and gel a little better. Although to be honest you wouldn't guess this was the work of such a newly formed group, but the frontwoman Blair has previously released solo records to some acclaim, so maybe this accomplished first outing isn't such a surprise after all.

Future Of What recorded this EP without using any electric guitars of cymbals, a fact you probably wouldn't notice unless it was pointed out to you. Still, these are fairly conventional songs nonetheless, and are driven by rich synth textures which create a welcoming and warm sound. This is more pop than electronica though, and feels like an indiepop record in disguise. Most conventional is the lovable closer 'Party In Heaven', but in terms of songwriting there's little that's unorthodox. 'I Wait For You' a beautiful example of the boundaries between dreampop and chart-pop being blurred. At only six months old, Future Of What are already putting many more established acts to shame, the exciting thing will be to see where they can go from here. True to its word, this EP won't leave you starstruck, but you may feel a touch moonstruck by its grace.

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