Monday 11 June 2012

Out This Week - 11th June 2012

Guided By Voices - Class Clown Spots A UFO

All that time off clearly meant that indie legends Guided By Voices built up a hell of a backlog of songs, with a planned three albums set for release this year. The second of which is 'Class Clown Spots A UFO' which is out today. The title-track was a recent single which you can grab below, and hardcore fans may recognise it, as the song has been around in various guises for quite some time before this new version was recorded.

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Future Of The Left - Polymers Are Forever

Welsh post-hardcore band Future Of The Left are also pretty much at the legendary stage now, with masses of critical plaudits, including for new album 'The Plot Against Common Sense', out today. Taken from it is recent single 'Polymers Are Forever' which starts off in a fairly routine fashion before turning on some of the magic that's made them such a respected and revered band.

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The Invisible - Protection

The 2009 debut album by London trio The Invisible landed them a Mercury nomination, and this week they finally give as a follow-up, 'Rispah'. Mind you, the in-demand guys have done plenty of production and session work in between times. New single 'Protection' is a very fine piece of alternative electro-rock that should should keep the offers flooding in.

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The Tallest Man On Earth - 1904

Kristian Matsson, or The Tallest Man On Earth as he's known (when he's not being called the Swedish Bob Dylan that is) also brings us a new album this week called 'There's No Leaving Now'. Included on it is the excellent new single '1904' which must rank as one of his finest songs to date. If you're new to this guy and are wondering about the name, he's 5'6" so there's a certain amount of irony involved...

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Two Wounded Birds - To Be Young

Earning themselves a second OROTW after previous single 'Together Forever' was awarded this prestigious accolade last year, are Margate's finest twangy garage band Two Wounded Birds who drop their anticipated debut album in the UK this week (US later this month). The sounds may be familiar (think a hybrid of The Strokes, The Drums and The Raveonettes) but they don't half have some tunes up their sleeves, as demonstrated by the marvellously melodic and slightly anthemic 'To Be Young'.

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