Thursday 14 June 2012

The Blanche Hudson Weekend - (Just Like) Susan George

Single review by KevW

Last year's debut album 'You Always Loved Violence' was a terrific record without question, but there's just something that little bit more embracing about The Blanche Hudson Weekend when they envelope those silvery melodies in a warming layer of buzz-saw guitar and smash their way through a three-and-a-half minute pop song while the producer is asleep at the desk with his head resting on the reverb button, and then just leave it at that. Job done, no frills, get it pressed and in the shops. Well that's what they've gone and done with new 7" '(Just Like) Susan George', a careering, distortion and twang-filled lesson in post-punk vivacity.

It's a track that carries the raw energy and twisted-50's-flashback tingle that accompanied those early Raveonettes singles, themselves handed down from the pack of 80's fuzz-merchants. If the effect of the A-side is akin to vigorously shaking up a bottle of lemonade and then opening it so it fizzes in an effervescing explosion, then the more serene B-side is like adding some Pimms to it and sitting down with a decent thriller novel. It still twangs but is pinned down by electronic beats and synth. It's a more experimental approach and while not quite as fun, it does have a cinematic appeal. New album 'How Many Times Have You Let Me Die' is due later in the year. Fingers crossed it's being recorded on a strict diet of bicarbonate of soda and Fanta.

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