Friday 15 June 2012

Anguish Sandwich - Bermuda Triangle EP

EP Review by KevW

Lo-fi production can be a wonderful thing. Leaving music with its bare bones showing can give a human, warm and just plain real feel to a record. Letting the songs shine through on their own, not buffing them until they shine. You can polish a turd but remains a turd nonetheless (just look at Jodie Marsh), whereas a brilliant tune, with warts and all, is still a brilliant tune, even without its make-up on. This debut EP from Northampton trio Anguish Sandwich seems intent on destroying that theory though. Most music fans will be able to give you examples of where they preferred the demo to the final release.  None of these songs are turds, they're a quartet a lovably messy noise-pop compositions made with a respectable D.I.Y. ethic.

Sadly these four tracks do sound like demos. Not a problem in itself, but where 'Idiot C' should dazzle you with its energetic, homemade, ragged guitar sound, it feels flat and muddy instead. The bristling 'Leave My Brain Alone' could also benefit from being less muffled, although to a lesser extent. Twanging title-track 'Bermuda Triangle' should achieve lift-off with its bratty, shouty vocal and Cramps-like bent, but something's missing. The equally shouty and ramshackle 'DOGS! (Invite Them Round)' works better using this over-causal regard to sound quality, but fourth tracks on EPs often do. Anguish Sandwich have good songs and they've won awards live, but on record it's a rare occasion when closer attention to the final mix wouldn't be such a bad idea.

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