Tuesday 19 June 2012

Leitbur - Think Of Tomorrow EP

EP review by KevW

Since the recent release of the single of the same name, Jaron Widman, AKA Leitbur, has been diligently beavering away on the final mixes for this new EP 'Think Of Tomorrow'. It's a set of songs that explores the ground between the mainstream and the alternative, essentially taking what could be produced as straight pop tracks and moulding them into more left-field shapes. It's an approach that could easily fail, being too pop for the cool kids and not accessible enough for the ringtone generation. But it's also an path that made legends out of crossover acts such as Giorgio Moroder (a clear influence here), Blondie and even The Beatles. While it may be pushing it somewhat to put Leitbur in the same bracket as such deities, this EP should comfortably straddle a large section of music fans.

No barriers are broken and no awards will be won, but these six tracks are all decent alt-pop efforts with smart production, tidy but not too tidy, and just slick enough to snare the odd casual listener without causing nausea to more seasoned ears. The title-track is still a clear highlight and what follows are, more or less, similar variations on the same chilled, synth-pop format. 'I Will Always Be Your Constant' is worthy of note, treading a similar 80s-indebted path to Brighton electro heroes Mirrors but with a mildly more commercial sheen. This is laid-back music to soundtrack summer evenings and the hazey vocals and attention to detail come together nicely to fit the desired specifications. Nothing here will change the world, but at the same time it's pretty difficult to fault a set of pleasant and well executed misty, alternative pop tunes.

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