Thursday 7 June 2012

Shoeb Ahmad - Falling Fast

Single review by KevW

Canberra-born producer Shoeb Ahmad's fusion of ambient electronica and misty psychedelia have been drawing comparisons to Caribou, and this is understandable given his delicate knack of crafting minimal and cinematic dreamscapes. Rather than the bland muzak that description implies, Ahmed's textures, although threadbare, are lush and full of enough character to suck you in to their blissful world. His debut solo album 'Watch/Illuminate' is due later this month, with single 'Falling Fast' as a forerunner. And quite brilliantly, this track sounds nothing at all like your routine single material.

No, 'Falling Fast' is based around little more than a repetitive guitar line, a subtle afrobeat backing and some fantasy-land shimmering synths. You can also catch the occasional ghost of a vocal drifting out from the ether. It may be all pastel shades instead of bright colours but it does possess a delicate majesty. Adding just a minuscule amount more oomph is the 'Natural Habitats Remix' which features the modestly more substantial vocals of Hannah Peel and what is verging on becoming a motorik beat. Both versions are gently magical and are a prime example of how, in some cases, less is most definitely more.

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