Wednesday 13 June 2012

Five For Free #87

Total Warr - xxxHATExxx

This is messy and experimental pop music as it should be. Melodic, fun and instantly likeable. Total Warr are a duo from Paris and free download 'xxxHATExxx' is taken from their 'Corbay' EP which was released last week. There are squiggly synths, ticking beats and sweet vocals that aren't a million miles away from The Postal Service. Comparison lovers may want to note that they've been mentioned in the same breath as MGMT too.

Free download: 'xxxHATExxx'

Total Warr's website

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Atherton - No Threat

Strap yourself in fact fans. Canadian electro/rapper Atherton has given us a list of info: he's 29, Aquarius, bi-polar, lives in his parents' basement, was so partial to a spot of the old wacky-baccy that he was impeached when he was student council president and needed a spell in rehab. He makes a mean curry too. Oh and his music? Brilliantly eclectic, non-clichéd crossover rap in the vein of Sage Francis or Scroobius Pip.

Atherton's website

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Dent May - Home Groan

You could say that it's fitting that just as The Beach Boys have a new album out, Mississippi resident Dent May (minus his Magnificent Ukulele Band this time) has put out a new record that's a direct descendent to their harmonious, sunkissed pop. But then there are always bands out there looking to Wilson and co. for inspiration. Turns out May has done a better job than most on free track 'Home Groan' though.

Dent May's website

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Can Can Heads - Crippled By Guilt

Finland's Can Can Heads have just released new album 'Last Supper At Brick Factory', from which 'Crippled By Guilt' is taken. This track is two minutes of crude garage-punk mixed with distorted sax and sounds as though it was recorded live. If you can imagine Gyratory System getting buggered off their tits on as many drugs as they could find and deciding to jam along to a Charlie Parker record then you've just imagined this.

Free download: 'Crippled By Guilt'

Can Can Heads' website

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Magic Trick - Torture

The Fresh & Onlys frontman Tim Cohen is never one to sit around when he could be making beautifully lilting indie/pop records, and this week he puts out 'Ruler Of The Night' in the US (26th June in the UK), his second under the Magic Trick guise. Freebie 'Torture' is dreamy, retro pop that blends doo-wop with the Walker Brothers and results in a deliciously harmonious and irresistibly vintage ballad.

Free download: 'Torture'

Magic Trick's website

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