Friday 22 June 2012

Artist To Check Out: Markus Hulthén

Article by KevW

All this recent talk about David Bowie and the 40th anniversary of his seminal 'Ziggy Stardust...' album has come as a reminder that mystery can be an important factor in the overall persona of pop stars and music makers in general. You probably wouldn't have found Ziggy tweeting his opinions about how England were getting on at the Euros, would you? Well Markus Hulthén, although almost certainly not heading for anything approaching that level of fame or reverence, certainly likes to keep us guessing. Following an email with a soundcloud link which we received last week, our web searches have revealed as much as our request for more information: zilch.

According to this email, Markus Hulthén is a Swedish band who describe themselves thus: "We play instrumental music, a bit psychedelic, folkrock....and . a bit melancholic". They may not be forthcoming but at least they're telling the truth. The few tracks posted to their soundcloud page fit that description perfectly. From the gentle psych-folk of 'Åka bil' with its gentle cooing, to the acoustic, 60's-styled psychedelia of newest track 'Visa från Svedmyra' with its relaxed organ, these are subtle and appealing songs. Incidentally, the genres they use to describe these recordings as are 'psychedelic', 'Lalalalalala', 'Library Tape' and 'Dream Lullaby', all of which neatly sum them up.

Markus Hulthén's website

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