Saturday 23 June 2012

Five For Free #90

Stepdad - Must Land Running

With a brace of EPs to their name already, this month sees the release of the first full-length from Michigan electro/pop/indie mashers Stepdad. Taken from it is free download 'Must Land Running' which treads similar ground to TV On The Radio or Maps & Atlases in its anything-goes approach to alternative pop, adding just a hint of a more commercial edge and a bellowing chorus.

Stepdad's website

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Lace Curtains - Bedroom Honesty

Formed by Micheal Coomers of American garage rockers Harlem, Lace Curtains will be releasing their debut album 'The Garden Of Joy & The Well Of Loneliness' next month and if we're going off this early indicator, they could be sliding towards slightly more indie/pop territory than his other band. 'Bedroom Honesty' is lo-fi but catchy with it.

Free download: 'Bedroom Honesty'

Lace Curtains' website

Icons Of Andria - Icons Of Andria

At the start of the month we introduced you to the excellent new dreampop band Icons Of Andria (well, you may have known them already, but you know what we mean) and you can check out what we had to say and download a few tunes by checking that article. Well they've now posted another gorgeous piece of winsome loveliness in the form of this eponymous track.

Icons Of Andria's website

W. Pontonen - Come Smile

The name W. Pontonen might not be instantly recognisable, but once you've listened to this track you probably won't be too surprised to find that it's the alias of Miike Snow man Pontus Winnberg. 'Come Smile' follows his main band in their journey through experimental but accessible alternative pop, stitching together tracks by Lykke Li and Smile to great effect.

Free download: 'Come Smile'

W. Pontonen's website

K-Holes - Frozen Stiff

We'll finish this batch of quality freebies with a nice piece of adventurous garage-punk from New Yorkers K-Holes. Their second album 'Dismania' is out now on Hardly Art Records and taken from it is the raucous,  sax-fuelled thrash of 'Frozen Stiff'. It's a splendid mix of 60s beat groups and angry new wave experimenting, and it's yours for the measly price of a computer and some internet access.

K-Holes' website

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