Friday 29 June 2012

Band To Check Out: The Rubbish Zoo

Article by KevW

Originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming, The Rubbish Zoo moved to Los Angeles a couple of years ago in order to pursue their desire to make individual and eclectic indie-rock. The decision looks to have been a shrewd one so far, with the quintet bagging some decent size gigs and scattering of press attention. They've also spent this time honing their sound and getting down to some serious writing, with a couple of self-made EPs under their belt already. The most recent of these being the four demos that make up 'The Rubbish Zoo EP', released earlier this year.

There's definite promise here, even if the songs feel like they need an expert eye cast over the production to really fulfil their promise. The makings of a very good band are in place. Anyone who's been following the alternative scene over the past year or two will find familiar sounds but presented in a slightly different way. You can hear elements of Real Estate, Vampire Weekend and even MGMT in their music. A blend of poppy melodies, synths, harmonies and more traditional alt-rock sounds. They have some decent songs and are beginning to develop a distinctive sound. While The Rubbish Zoo aren't quite the finished article just yet, they're heading in the right direction.

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