Friday 15 June 2012

Bart and Friends - There May Come A Time EP

EP review by KevW

You can twist, merge, augment and invent musical genres all you like to try and describe music in fancy ways. The quest for creative cliché-avoiding is to no avail here; Bart and Friends are pure indiepop, there's no two ways about it. Of course indiepop disciples will no doubt be aware of the previous work of the Aussie gang, as they've been recording under this name for many years, and include members of other underground heroes including The Lucksmiths, The Cat's Miaow, The Shapiros, The Zebras, Black Tambourine, Summer Cats and more. Suffice to say they're no novices in the field of jangly guitar pop tunes, soaked to the skin in twinkly melodies and velvety harmonies. 'There May Come A Time' is a pretty much impeccable EP, all understated, clean production and chiming guitars with softly perfect vocals.

The title-track is a thing of contemplative beauty, with every sound inch perfect in its positioning. Oddly it's followed by a similarly styled version of Elvis' 'Cant Help Falling In Love' which has a touch of Fairport Convention about its trad-folk leanings. Those precision indiepop guitars glimmer back into life on the truly lovely 'A Kiss You Won't Forget', Pam Berry's gently beguiling vocals are something to behold. 'These Words Are Too Small' is also supremely done and the maudlin finale of 'A Summer's Dream' again finds them in reflective mood, tenderly bringing things to a glistening end. At which point the we simple go back to the start and listen again, as 'There May Come A Time' is a near faultless collection.

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