Friday 22 June 2012

James Canty - Shark In The Shallows

Single review by KevW

Thanks to modern technology, recording and releasing songs is essentially a piece of piss. Anyone can do it. The downside is that the internet is awash with hideous half-baked ideas and songs that would never have got so much as a glimpse of any recording equipment twenty years ago. The main culprits are, of course, solo artists with acoustic guitars who expect us to part with our cash in exchange for some below par strumming and sixth-form musings. Which brings us to Essex songwriter James Canty. He has an acoustic. He has some songs. He wants us to buy them.

Should we? Well in this instance we should at least listen, because this debut single pops its head above the flood of singer-songwriters clogging up our bandwidth. 'Shark In The Shallows' has some guts and is sung with some actual emotion. It might be a well tested formula but the beats and strings add extra force to his already fierce vocal. Without question it's a good track. B-side 'Hare On The Hill' is more routine fare, pick your favourite acoustic troubadour and you'll have found an easy comparison. Still, its also done with some aplomb, and while it doesn't match the lead track, it's not just here to make up the numbers either. Well done The Internet, you've uncovered a good one here.

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