Wednesday 20 June 2012

Artist To Check Out: Spakkiano

Article by KevW

Naturally the boundaries of music, film and art intertwine. Music itself is an art form and videos are the promotional tool of choice for any chart star. Art installations accompanied by a soundtrack are also commonplace. While we normally stick to the music here at The Sound Of Confusion, we thought we'd share these intriguing pieces of minimalist electronica from Italian artist Spakkiano, who uses exotic and repetitive sound textures designed to go hand in hand with these unusual and seemingly abstract pieces of film, although surely each one has a tale to tell.

'Papparsali' is a place in northern India, near the Himalayas and feels trapped in the past. This old black and white footage is backed by eerie but beautiful music that's subtly mesmerizing. The music enhances the film, and the film enhances the music. It's a wonderful and seemingly natural combination that defies categorization and doesn't really require it either. 'Macadam' with its series of facial expressions is surreal and captivating, and the gentle rumble of 'Beringia' is equally mystifying. Spakkiano is making genuinely imaginative art, whatever bracket it comes under.

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