Sunday 3 June 2012

White Blush - Without You

Single review by KevW

Seeing the words "emotional", "heartfelt" and "ballad" together in a sentence is typically an advance warning that the music you're about to be subjected to is likely to be so mind-numbingly dull that you'd rather pour creosote into your eyes. But please, before you head for the garden shed, remember that things don't always have to be this way. This debut single by LA artist Carol Rhyu (along with her production partner in crime John Ho) has emotion dripping from its pores, those delicate and impassioned vocals are without question heartfelt (the song is written about the first-hand experience of a failed relationship) and the pace is, well, ballad like.

Looking squeaky clean, perched on a stool and crooning to a hoard of over-excited teenagers is a million miles away from what 'Without You' is all about though. This is powerfully emotive dreampop for the twilight hours, filled with despair, confusion, panic and hope in equal measure, as Rhyu pours forth every ounce of emotion that her soul can muster. If you're feeling a touch fragile you may become a bit weepy yourself, however it's worth listening to this track just to absorb some of the stark beauty it has to offer. There's an EP in the works too. More of the same would be just great, please.

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