Thursday 28 June 2012

Kitzu - A Swarm Of Details Into Your Umbilical Cord

Album review by KevW

Jerusalem wouldn't be your first port of call when on a quest for experimental, alternative rock, but the power of music and the desire to push boundaries stretches far and wide. In Kitzu, Israel may have its own female fronted version of Radiohead, and on this, their third album, they explore several corners of the musical spectrum, fearlessly refusing to adhere to rules and regulations. 'A Swarm Of Details Into Your Umbilical Cord' is only even songs in length but it achieves a lot in a relatively short space of time and impresses on many levels.

Beginning with birdsong, 'A Swarm Of Details' acts as more of an introductory offering than a fully-formed song, adding hissing layers, gentle piano and warped vocal samples. Things come alive on on the stuttering math-rock of 'Curious' with it's refrain of "show me details... I am curious". There are details aplenty to be found here, these unconventional songs are littered with background sounds and samples; this isn't your run-of-the-mill alt-rock. 'Magnets' follows suit, its guitar line wandering over electronic bleeps and stuttering beats. You could imagine Portishead concocting a similar musical potion.

There's just as much heart in these songs when they opt for minimalism too. The opening minute of 'White' is a capella and when the instruments do join in they're not allowed to take over, providing a more subdued backing. Guitars return to the fore on the grungy 'Life Of A Waitress', a track that's not a million miles away from early Delgados. The glitchy 'Going Far' feels like a parting shot before they saunter away with the atmospheric 'Into Your Umbilical Chord'. Kitzu are not the most immediate of bands and their music is as much to be admired as enjoyed at first, it's worth persevering with though, as there's a wealth of riches to be uncovered over time.

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