Monday 4 June 2012

Band To Check Out: Icons Of Andria

Article by KevW

As musical concepts go, the objective of Icons Of Andria is a peculiar and intriguing one. The combined work of Rodney Sellers (The Year Zero) and Ken Negrete and Fabiola Sanchez (Familiar Trees), Icons Of Andria have set out make a sci-fi concept album, releasing one song at a time via free download, each accompanied by individual artwork that begins as a black and white line drawing, filling with colour once a certain number of plays is reached on soundcloud. Do we really need a band to plug the gap in musical history where Gorillaz and Rick Wakeman should have collaborated? Of course we bloody don't, and thankfully these three realise that too.

While on paper the concept sounds horribly indulgent and knowingly avant-garde, in reality it's really quite magical. The four tracks completed thus far are quite stunning pieces of cinematic dreampop. Details of the stories behind each individual song can be found on their website and may be ones for the comic book fans out there, but these delicate and inspiring tracks have the ability to captivate and fascinate even when stripped of any such accessories. Feel free to get caught up in the arty notion of it all if you like, but these tunes full of breathy vocals, subtle percussion and woozy atmospherics are hauntingly emotive and bewitching just as they are.

Icons Of Andria's website

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