Thursday 14 June 2012

The Smittens - Burning The Streets Of Rome

Single review by KevW

"Bubblegum, bubblegum, panic attack, there's a cute boy who likes me back... fiddle my way back home, through the burning streets of Rome". This latest single from the Vermont clan comes at you with the homoeroticism and sleaze of an indiepop Hunx & His Punx, but where that band give a rough and ragged garage finish to their songs, The Smittens' approach is gentler and much more twee (a term they use to describe themselves, so we can put the thesaurus down on this one) although is still relies on the classic influence of doo-wop and girl-group melodies for its initial reference, chucking in the soft hue of 80s pop to add a more unique character.

Of course the cover, the lyrics, the subject matter and previous form will lead you to recognise that 'Burning Streets Of Rome' is so sweet that it might as well be some sherbet-coated marshmallows, pebble-dashed with hundreds and thousands and then deep-fried in a vat of honey, but it's a suitably catchy number and unless you're on a strictly savoury diet it's difficult to dislike. B-sides 'These Days' and 'Almost' both take a similar route in terms of sound without being quite as melodically appealing. Both are just about worth the money but it's the lead track that impresses most. We'd advise a good scrub with some Sensodyne afterwards though.

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