Sunday 3 June 2012

Artist To Check Out: Matthew De Zoete

Article by KevW

Living in rural Ontario, songwriter Matthew De Zoete began by looking to the past for inspiration for his new album 'Colour Film', using imagery he found while searching through his family's collection of Super 8 footage recorded in the early sixties. It's these quaint and endearing shots that make up the video for the album's title-track which you can see below. It's not the only sentimental aspect to his music, with many of the album's songs pondering life and how and why it develops in the way that it does. Zoete himself has described the album as a voyage of self-discovery and that's an impression that resounds through these recordings.

'Colour Film' was recorded in just ten days after Zoete hooked up with producer Les Cooper and a collection of fully-formed songs, which the band then gradually explored and developed in the studio. The result isn't exactly a punk rock maelstrom and is far better summed up by the pensive photo of the setting sun above. Reflective, thoughtful and composed, but not lacking some decent tunes. It's a debut outing that's unlikely to make Matthew De Zoete a household name, although once word has steadily spread organically he shouldn't be short of admirers either.

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