Friday 22 June 2012

DRUNK ROBOTS - Drones & Bones

EP review by Bloopie

DRUNK ROBOTS' new EP picks up right where the their last album left off, with beats just as caliginous and aggressive as I'd come to expect. Again, it's helter skelter from the get-go and I'm tossed into an ocean of driftless robotic noises as momentum builds and things prove more tumultuous by the second.The first track, one of four simply titled 'Drones & Bones', lays the foundations for what would prove to be an enigmatic 16 or so minutes. It's a long - rather monotonous - introduction, featuring an eclectic array of rusty, exotic sounds formulated to darken anyone's mood. Surprisingly, the following number is a different animal altogether. A compelling use of the marimba produces a sanguine tone as bleakness subsides and makes way for the merry side of the DRUNK ROBOTS to show, one that is refreshingly less hostile. With another sharp twist, track three then recaptures that familiar menacing vibe from the band's debut LP.

The fourth and final track, heavily influenced by Nine Inch Nails, is hands down the finest piece of this strange puzzle, as it boasts the sort of character that previous tracks sorely miss. Interestingly, it was the last track on the previous album, titled 'Sunday's Last Cigarette', that also emerged as my personal favorite. It feels thoughtfully constructed and stands out as a more poignant composition than the rest, while maintaining that grungy industrial identity.There is potential here, but as a whole it feels unpolished. It's diverse, but inconsistent. A sense of heaviness looms from start to finish and it lacks enough depth to hold interest past the first several listens. Having said that, I for one am curious to see how this band's sound evolves as they continue to experiment.

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