Wednesday 27 June 2012

Snøskred - We Are

Single review by KevW

For their debut single, Norwegians Snøskred have decided to take the wall of noise approach that's seen such a resurgence of late, particularly in northern Europe, the adoptive new home of shoegaze and dreampop. 'We Are' throws everything into its overcrowded mix; there are what sounds like numerous vocalists vying for space, but finding their voices engulfed by a barrage of drums and cymbal crashes and amounting to little more than a reverb-soaked background accompaniment. If you're getting the impression that this is a mistake then think again, because this approach lends an extra urgency and desperation to the song, creating a delicious whirlpool effect.

There are guitars aplenty of course, these also get tangled up in the mix until their sound is barely distinguishable from the rest of the din going on around them. It's as though they've set the every track on the desk to the same distant level and then cranked the resulting typhoon of distorted and withdrawn noise up to eleven. It's probably a nightmare for anyone who wants to learn to play any particular part of this song by listening alone, but it sounds bloody great. It's taken Snøskred two years to get to this point, so lets hope that in that time they've managed to whip up a few other similarly frenzied and blurry aural assaults.

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